Deep Dive, A PhD in Fact Finding within the Medical Domain

@ Sheffield University.


Lewin Lab, Regent Court, DCS

Regent's Court


Hi! I am Dr Aaron Fletcher and I am a driven PhD student at the University of Sheffield, focusing on fact-finding in the medical domain using natural language processing (NLP). With a background in healthcare and a recently completed MSc in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, I bring a unique perspective to my research.

During my MSc, I successfully applied NLP and machine learning techniques to predict clinical events using a self-created dataset. This experience, along with my proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, and various ML architectures, has prepared me well for my current research.

I am deeply committed to advancing the field of NLP in healthcare and am excited to contribute to the growing body of knowledge through my PhD research. By leveraging my interdisciplinary background and strong technical skills, I aim to develop innovative solutions that can improve patient outcomes and support evidence-based decision-making in the medical domain.

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